Dr. Liangliang Yang (former PhD)

Thesis: Influences of Complex Topography and Biochemistry on Mesenchymal Stem CellDifferentiation

Current employment:

Dr. Olga Mergel (former Postdoc)

Main topics: Polymeric microgels

Current employment:

Dr. Qihui Zhou (former PhD-student)

Thesis: Exploring combined influences of material topography, stiffness and chemistry on cellbehavior at biointerfaces

Current employment: Associate Professor/Principle Investigator, Institute for Translational Medicine (Primary), State Key Laboratory of Bio-fibers and Eco-textiles, Qingdao University

Sergi Brosel Oliu (visiting PhD-student)

Thesis: Interdigitated electrode arrays (IDEA) impedimetric transducers for bacterial biosensing applications

Current employment: Barcelona Microelectronics Institute, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Philipp Kuhn (former PhD-student & Postdoc)

Thesis: The effect of wettability and stiffness on stem cell behavior at bioinerfaces

Current employment: Baxter International Inc.

Lais Ribovski (PhD-student)

Thesis: Nanobiomaterials for biological barrier crossing and controlled drug delivery

Current employment:

Ana Maria Almonacid Suarez (PhD-student)

Thesis: Topography-mediated myofiber formation and endothelial cell sprouting

Current employment: Thermofischer Scientific

Taraneh Mokabber (PhD-student)

Thesis: Electrochemically deposited antimicrobial hydroxyapatite coatings

Current employment:

Dr. Barbara Santos de Miranda (former Postdoc)

Current employment: Research And Development Scientist Abnoba GmbH

Dr. Aneta Schaap-Oziemlak (former Postdoc)

Current employment: bioinspiredthinktank


  • Tom Schepers (Biology)
  • Jarno Hakkers (Dentistry)
  • Jelte Hofsteenge (Dentistry)
  • Jorn v/d Schaar (Dentistry)
  • Claire Scales (International Business)
  • Leah van Spelde (Medicine)
  • Yvonne Rutten (Medicine)
  • Laura Spronk (Medicine)
  • Jacolien Theijink (Pharmacy)
  • Saskia Zieck (Pharmacy)
  • Cathelijn van Nisselroy (Biomedical Technology)
  • Floride Visser (Biomedical Technology)
  • Martijn Bruggink (Biomedical Technology)
  • Robin Merjenburgh (Biomedical Technology)
  • Torben v/d Boon (Biomedical Technology)
  • Wessel van Veenen (Biomedical Technology)
  • Lisa Tromp (Biomedical Technology)
  • Jonah Renting (Biomedical Technology)


  • Alfian Putra (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Ana Maria Almonacid Suarez (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Daniel Cordova (MDPI Top Master)
  • Darrin Zwaan (Physics)
  • Edwin Schreuder (Nanoscience)
  • Gwenda Vasse (MDPI Top Master)
  • Irene Lodoso Torrecilla (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Irene Schiavon (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Iulia Pascaru (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Katelyn Genoud (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Rene van Rijssen (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Roeland Broekema (Science Business & Policy)
  • Rogier v/d/ Stijl (Science Business & Policy)
  • Thomas Meijer (Molecular Biology)
  • Torben v/d Boon (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Chris Dulson (Molecular Biology)
  • Marnix Meijer (Chemistry)
  • Claudia Concu (Chemistry)
  • Tjitze v/d Land (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Klaudia Jurczak (MPDI-IMIM top master)
  • Clio Siebenmorgen (Chemistry)
  • Huseyin Arici (Chemistry)
  • Devlina Ghosh (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Vandya Juneja (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Lisa Tromp (MPDI Top master)


  • Elisabetta Saba (BSc, Italy)
  • Paula Mayra Oliveira Diniz (BSc, Brasil)
  • Carlos Guimeraes (MSc, Portugal)
  • Daniel Santos (MSc, Portugal)
  • Filipa Teixeira (MSc, Portugal)
  • Fransisca Gomez (MSc, Portugal)
  • Josephine Adam (MSc, Germany)
  • Magdalena Steinmueller (MSc, Germany)
  • Shardul Bhusari (MSc, India)
  • Shweta Bhati (MSc, India)
  • Tania Sofia de Sousa Magalaes Neto (MSc, Portugal)
  • Nikita Samochwalow (MSc, Germany)