Photo Gallery

The group activities and news captured on film

New years resolution, start a professional curling team! An awesome and great event with the group to celebrate the coming well-deserved holidays.

Productivity: outputs minus inputs; balancing your PhD checkbook, this was the title of the presentation that Patrick van Rijn gave at the PhD-Day 2019 conference held in the Oosterpoort in Groningen. Wonderful event and talking also about other aspects ones PhD-period. Important to think about life during, outside, and after "work".

Lais Robovski (Transcytosis of microgels across the blood brain barrier), Torben van der Boon (High-throughput screening to elucidate biomaterial-induced fibrosis) and Liangliang Yang (Biomimetic multiscale hierarchical topography enhances osteogenic differentiation of MSCs) presented their work on on of the most important conferences in our field, the annual European Society for Biomaterials conference.

Patrick van Rijn and Torben van der Boon were included in the KennisInzicht item of the UMCG on the rapid biological enhancement of medical implants using the BiomACS technology.

Damla Keskin presents at Biofilm conference at Stevens University. The focus of the conference is "Implant Infection: A Complex Healthcare Challenge". Damla is presenting our new coating approach to combat bacterial contamination to adhere to the surface and prevent biofilm formation.