01-09-2020: We are happy to welcome Devlina Ghosh and Klaudia Jurczak as new PhD-students. Devlina has been funded by the UMCG Graduate School of Medical Science on a personal grant and Klaudia her project is funded by the Jaap Schouten Foundation ( )

22-06-2020: We have a new Dr.!!! Dr. Ana Maria Almonacid Suarez defended successfully her thesis. It was a wonderful event as we could be again together in the aula in person. We are extremely proud of her and her thesis " Topography-mediated myofiber formation and endothelial cell sprouting " is a wondeful piece of work which we will certainly continue in the future.

05-06-2020: Our research was featured by Chemisch2Weekblad. C2W is a dutch chemistry/lif science journal highlighting interesting research with often a focus on the Netherlands. It is an honor that they have selected our research and indicates the potential impact it makes

C2W: moleculair-motortje-bepaalt-lot-stamcel

18-05-2020: A happy event during stressful times, WE HAVE A NEW DR.! Lais Ribovski, Dr. Ribovski, has successfully defended her thesis " Nanobiomaterials for biological barrier crossing and controlled drug delivery ". She did her work in between the group of Dr. Inge Zuhorn and our group. On the 26th she will defend her thesis in Brasil as she did a double degree program.


29-01-2020: Our first paper on the collaboration with the goup of Ben Feringa and Siewert Jan Marrink is online. Molecular Motors go Biomedical!

Unidirectional rotating molecular motors dynamically interact with adsorbed proteins to direct the fate of mesenchymal stem cells is published in Science Advances

Also see highlights and press coverage at:

02-01-2020: An awesome start for 2020, Taraneh her 3rd paper is accepted and online in record speed. A cool antimicrobial coating for titanium implants. To the clinic??

Antimicrobial electrodeposited silver-containing calcium phosphate coatings is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

10-11-2019: Ana Maria her first paper is published! A wonderful screening approach towards topography-mediated skeletal muscle engineering.

Directional topography gradients drive optimum alignment and differentiation of human myoblasts is published in Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

04-11-2019: Torben his first paper is published. A fruitful collaboration with the group of Jan de Boer from TU/e on topography wellplate design, prepartion, and usage.

Well Plate Integrated Topography Gradient Screening Technology for Studying Cell‐Surface Topography Interactions is published in Advanced Biosystems.

01-11-2019: Lei Li joint the group as a CSC scholarship PhD-student. Lei will work on hydrotalcite for biomedical applications in collaboration with industrial partners Polyvation and Kisuma Chemicals. Welcome & Good Luck!

10-10-2019: A joint paper between our group and Uli Schwaneberg and Laura de Laporte from the RWTH is published. A nice combinatioon of anchoring peptides for cell adhesion and our wrinkle gradients. On to the next!

Rapid and Robust Coating Method to Render Polydimethylsiloxane Surfaces Cell-Adhesive is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

01-10-2019: Mohammad Khoonkari joint as a new PhD student working together under the supervision of Marleen Kamperman (ZIAM) and Frank Kruyt (Medical Oncology). Mohammad will be exploring matrix dependent behavior of glioblastoma. Welcome & Good Luck!

01-09-2019: Daniel Dollerer joint the group and will explore dynamic biointerfaces where stem cell behavior is controled using molecular motors. The project is a close collaboration with the Feringa group at the Stratingh Institute. Welcome & Good Luck!

20-09-2019: PhD-day in Groningen, a wonderful event where PhD-student obtain more insights into the opportunities of what it means to be a PhD-student but also to learn about themselves. Patrick van Rijn was invited to discuss about how to cope with the overall experience of being a PhD-student.

11-09-2019: The BiomACS technology that has been developed within our group was highlighted in KennisInzicht, informing the broader public what the technology is all about and why we do it.

Please visit:

25-05-2019: Gwenda Vasse receives travel grant from the NRS | Netherlands Respiratory Society , CONGRATULATIONS!!

12-06-2019: UMCG picked-up the BiomACS BV story, the biomedical screening and developing company originating from the technology from our group, and is highlighted by on the UMCG news website, for the full story:

04-06-2019: BiomACS BV, the biomedical screening and developing company originating from the technology from our group, is highlighted by Northern Knowledge, for the full story, please visit:

06-05-2019: The first joint paper from the group of Marco Harmsen and the van Rijn group. Great team effort of Gabriel Liguori (Harmsen) and Qihui Zhou (van Rijn). Well done!!

The paper in Stem Cells International highlights a minimal topographic environment required to facilitate the development of aligned and differentiated cell layers from ASC. These data suggest that nanotopography may be a novel tool for inhibiting fibrosis.

11-04-2019: Sergi Brosel and Olga Mergel publish a wonderful paper resulting from a very innovative collaboration between Barcelona and UMCG!

3D impedimetric sensors as a tool for monitoring bacterial response to antibiotics, Lab Chip, 2019,19, 1436-1447 uses the microgel-based anti-fouling approach for bacteria that was recently developed in our group with the innovative sensing platform developed at the BioMEMS Group, Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona. The combination increases the sensitivity of the sensor for antibiotic susceptibility towards bacteria.

09-04-2019: Liangliang Yang wins best oral presentation at the annual Kolff Institute conference telling us about " The true story of topography-driven osteogenic differentiation ". Congratulations!

02-04-2019: Damla Kesin wins travel grant for  the 5th Stevens Conference. Congratulations!

01-04-2019: Eliza Warszawik joins the group as a postdoc! Eliza will be working on novel hydrotalcite nanocarriers together with KISUMA Chemicals. Welcome and good luck!

10-03-2019: Taraneh her second paper has been published! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Mechanical and biological properties of electrodeposited calcium phosphate coatings ”, Mater. Sci. Engin. C, 2019, 100, 475-484. The paper describes the preparation and biological effects of electrochemical deposited hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium.

06-03-2019: BiomACS the company has been established today. This patented technology directly from our group will enable better medical implants to be designed! The founders are Richard Hamstra, Menno de Jong, and Patrick van Rijn. For more information please visit:

01-03-2019: Congratulations to Torben on starting with his PhD. Torben will be looking at implant-induced fibrosis using the high-throughput BiomACS screening approach. GOOD LUCK!

20-02-2019: Our research instutute, The Kolff Institute, will receive a buste of artificial organ pioneer "Willem Kolff". Canadian artist Ryan Kurylo had personal motivation to donate this. Read about it in the newspaper .

31-01-2019: Lu Ge, Damla Keskin, and Lais Ribovski were awarded a research grant from "De Cock-foundation" for their ongoing research for dealing with smart delivery and combating infection. CONGRATULATIONS!

13-01-2019: Olga Publishes in Chemical Scienc,e an Aachen-Groningen collaboration. CONGRATULATIONS!

The paper addressed electrochemical cargo shuttling and can be used to delivery drugs on cue, here bacteria were targeted. "Cargo shuttling by electrochemical switching of core–shell microgels obtained by a facile one-shot polymerization" Chem. Sci., 2019, Advance Article, DOI: 10.1039/C8SC04369H

13-01-2019: Damla and Olga publish in Biomacromolecules!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Their paper is about tunable microgels that are used as anti-fouling coatings. 99.7% reduction was observed whan the coating was applied. "Inhibiting Bacterial Adhesion by Mechanically Modulated Microgel Coatings" Biomacromolecules, Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.8b01378

13-01-2019: Guangyue her paper got accepted and is already online. CONGRATULATIONS!

Guanyue her paper addressed novel supramolecular contrast agents for targeting breast cancer. "Development of an Aptamer-Conjugated Polyrotaxane-Based Biodegradable Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent for Tumor-Targeted Imaging" ACS Appl. Bio Mater., Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/acsabm.8b00639

08-01-2019: Valentina her first paper has been published in Chemical Communication. CONGRATULATIONS!

The first paper addresses a novel way to chemically modify virus particles: "Biocatalytically induced surface modification of the tobacco mosaic virus and the bacteriophage M13" Chem. Commun., 2019,55, 51

30-11-2018: Patrick van Rijn becomes chair of the Dutch Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. He succeeds Prof. dr. Patricia Dankers.

The society represents the community within the Netherlands that concerns itself with Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering in the broadest sense. Please visit

11-07-2018: Qihui Zhou has successfully defended his thesis entitled: " Exploring combined influences of material topography, stiffness and chemistry on cell behavior at biointerfaces "

CONGRATULATIONS DR. ZHOU! And all the best with your associate professorship at Qingdao University.

31-05-2018: Damla Keskin wins Flash Presentation Prize @ Bordeaux Polymer Conference 2018 for her work "FACILE HYDROGEL COATINGS FOR SILICONE-BASED BIOMATERIALS"


28-06-2017 : Paper published on Stem Cell Reports from Qihui and Patrick

The article collaborated with Prof. Wolfgang and Dr. Giulio from RWTH Aachen University is published on the Journal Stem Cell Reports (IF=7.338). This publication is about “Surface Topography Guides Morphology and Spatial Patterning of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Colonies” and quite impressive!! These findings from this work demonstrate that topography can guide orientation and organization of iPSC colonies and this may impact on the interaction between mechanosensors and mechanotransducers in iPSCs.

28-05-2017 : Guangyue Zu joins Our Group

Guangyue Zu obtained a CSC-scholarship to join our group for a four year PhD. It is great to welcome Guangyue to the club.

01-01-2017: Lu Ge joins Our Group

Lu Ge obtained a CSC-scholarship to join our group for a four year PhD. It is great to welcome Lu to the club.

01-01-2017 : Liangliang Yang joins Our Group

Liangliang Yang obtained a CSC-scholarship to join our group for a four year PhD. It is great to welcome Liangliang to the club.

09-12-2015: Teacher of the Year election

Patrick van Rijn was nominated for teacher of the year within the faculty Natural Sciences. Although he did not win, a nominations after one year of starting teaching at university was not bad.

01-10-2015 : Qihui Zhou joins Our Group

Qihui Zhou obtained a CSC-scholarship to join our group for a four year PhD. It is great to welcome Qihui to the club.

11/15-05-2015 :E-MRS talks a success

Barbara Santos de Miranda (Invited), Philipp Kuhn and Qihui Zhou gave highly successful presentations at the largest Materials Science conference in Europe, the E-MRS.

11-01-2015: Preliminary new website online

As of today the new and improved website is online. Soon parts of the website will be multilingual.

07-01-2015: Paper accepted for Chemical Reviews

Finally the 125 page review for Chem. Rev. entitled "Ferritin: A versatile building block for Bionanotechnology" has been accepted. It is a great effort between Aachen and Groningen and results in a work on ferritin which encompasses many different aspects of this versatile cage-protein.

01-04-2015 : Thomas Meijer and Irene Schiavon join BISMS

Thomas Meijer (molecular biology) and Irene Schiavon (biomedical technology) joined the group as MSc-students performing research on improved alginate cell scaffolds.

13-12-2014: Winter School poster presentation by Irene Losodo

At the Biomedical Technology Winter Symposium, Irene Losodo was given the chance to present her upcoming work on "Artificial Virus Structures for Gene-transfection".

14-11-2014: CHAINS conference pitch by Barbara Santos de Miranda

At the CHAINS conference in Velthoven (Netherlands) the abstract of Barbara Santos de Miranda was chosen for a 3 min. pitch to highlight her poster on the "Biocatalytic approach for Virus-Polymer hybrid nanoparticles". She passionately encouraged her fellow researchers to come an discuss her fascinating research.

28-10-2014: RSC Advances paper online

The review in RSC Advances by Aneta Schaap and Philipp Kuhn is online. A very nice and critical review on stem cell biomaterial interactions and what we have learned so far but also what we still do not know.

13-01-2013: Part. Part. Syst. Charact. paper including cover art online

The first paper as a fruitful collaboration with the Molecular Biotechnology group of Dr. Ulrich Commandeur is published and featured as the inside cover of the issue.

Agenda & Events

21&22 November 2019: 28th annual meeting of the Netherlands Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (NBTE) Lunteren, Netherlands.

9-13 September 2019: 30th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials Dresden, Germany.

17-19 June 2019: Euro Intelligent materials , Kiel, Germany.

7-9 April 2019: Kolff-days, the annual Institutes confernce on Schiermonnikoog.

29&30 November 2018: Annual meeting of the Dutch Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (NBTE)

11 July 2018: Defense Qihui Zhou, academy building @12.45. Qihui will defend his PhD-thesis entitled: "Exploring Combined Influences of Material Topography, Stiffness and Chemistry on Cell Behavior at Biointerfaces".

11-13 September 2018: European Society for Biomaterials conference comes to Maastricht.

26-28 September 2018: Materials Science & Engineering conference. Symposium "Bio-instructive Hydrogels" organized by

- Cornelia Lee-Thedieck - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

- Christine Selhuber-Unkel - Kiel University
- Patrick van Rijn - University of Groningen